Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow is Cold

I thought i would share some photos from when i saw Beyonce live at the O2. The tickets were free thanks to Trident splash! And to top it all off, Jay Z and Kanye West made an appearence. What a night!

Its snowed today. And i reaslised it was cold.
I was going to build an igloo but didnt.


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

to 2010

Well i havnt been on here in a fair while.
2009 was busy, but pretty awesome.
Autumn was beautiful.

Let's be honest gang, 2010 is gonna be shit.
However, i will try to make the most of the best bits.

Here's to 2010! x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A bit of what ya fancy

I found this really cute dress on a vintage site. I fell in love with it!
Unfortunately, it's already been sold :/

It's so cute!

I'm also liking this seasons one shoulder look, shown in this dramatic dress and tights combination by House of Holland. I think it gives a playful, quirky and edgy look. Those shoes are cute too!

I absolutely adore this from Alexander Wang's ready-to-wear collection. The relaxed, subtle tones are brilliant for spring and i love the casual blaser teamed up with the white, baggy T. Thumbs up from me!

Tarrah! xxxxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Spy Kids and the Grinch

Hahaaa, i just realised that Taylor Momsen (my current idol) was the little girl in both Spy Kids 2 and The Grinch. Check it out!:

Well look at her now!

I absolutely love her style and would kill for her hair! I'm in love with Gossip Girl aswell. Anyone else think that Chase Crawford is the definition of beauty!

I found this cute dress in the dressing up box. I think it was my Grandmas nightie or something, but i love the ruffle like, textured, round kneckline and the finish at the bottom. The sheer material is lovely aswell.

OMG! We are got a Wii today. This is epic. I know that it's about a year overdue but ah well.

Anyway, so i made this bag:

I was pretty proud of it myself. It has burgandy leather handles and bas with a side pocket. Took me a couple of odd days at my dad's workshop but it finished out lush.

These were my grandmas. Normally waist trousers. I did wear try them on as trousers but preffered as more of a haulter-kneck jumpsuit. (Leather bow belt).

So my mum, dad, sister and her boyfriend are playing on the Wii and seem to be having a whale of a time. Ive been told i cant go on it because ive apparently hogged it all day! Tuh whatev trev.
We were having a convosation today at the end of the garden about health and safety. Apparently, this school microwave the soil their children study. Seriously what kind of a world is this going be in 50 years! I bet, people will be so not used to bacteria, that when someone does actually get ill, they'll die. The whole of the human race is going to die out and it will all be health and safetys stupid fault. Also, you know those boxes you fill up at school and send to poor countries, well you cant send toilet roll in them unless they've been microwaved! What is up with this obsession with microwaving things.

Anyhow, i must get back to trying to wean by way back onto the Wii. I fear i will be playing it all day tomorrow aswell. I must say, it gets really rather addictive after a while!

Tarrah xxxx

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter eggs and rain

So today is Easter. I have forced my mother to hide all of my eggs in the lounge (Usually it would be the garden but God blessed us with rain last night).

I do love Easter

Saturday, 11 April 2009

New New New

Well im very new to this but i've seen some of these blogs and thought i would give it ago.
I found that dress in the attic. It has a lovely low cut back with gold embroidery and rubys on the front. Was very pleased with that find!

Im from Southampton, England which isn't too bad a place. Cornwall is one of my most favourite places ever. The surf there is awesome! There's a pic of the first thick snow i ever witnessed! It had to be at laest 6 inches thick! The funny thing was, our sunbed, which had a foot of snow on it, was used by me just weeks later; soaking up the sun in my bikini. Global warming? What global warming?
This is my current favourtie item of clothing. Unfortunately i don't own it yet. It is in the Be Beau range at Matalan for £25. However, when i went to Matalan sometime last week, it wasn't anywhere to be found. Even more annoyingly, the picture is on the website but the actual dress isn't. I will find it though! It is my summer must have!

Well that's one post done, i wonder how many more will follow?
tarrah xxx