Saturday, 11 April 2009

New New New

Well im very new to this but i've seen some of these blogs and thought i would give it ago.
I found that dress in the attic. It has a lovely low cut back with gold embroidery and rubys on the front. Was very pleased with that find!

Im from Southampton, England which isn't too bad a place. Cornwall is one of my most favourite places ever. The surf there is awesome! There's a pic of the first thick snow i ever witnessed! It had to be at laest 6 inches thick! The funny thing was, our sunbed, which had a foot of snow on it, was used by me just weeks later; soaking up the sun in my bikini. Global warming? What global warming?
This is my current favourtie item of clothing. Unfortunately i don't own it yet. It is in the Be Beau range at Matalan for £25. However, when i went to Matalan sometime last week, it wasn't anywhere to be found. Even more annoyingly, the picture is on the website but the actual dress isn't. I will find it though! It is my summer must have!

Well that's one post done, i wonder how many more will follow?
tarrah xxx

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