Monday, 13 April 2009

OMG! We are got a Wii today. This is epic. I know that it's about a year overdue but ah well.

Anyway, so i made this bag:

I was pretty proud of it myself. It has burgandy leather handles and bas with a side pocket. Took me a couple of odd days at my dad's workshop but it finished out lush.

These were my grandmas. Normally waist trousers. I did wear try them on as trousers but preffered as more of a haulter-kneck jumpsuit. (Leather bow belt).

So my mum, dad, sister and her boyfriend are playing on the Wii and seem to be having a whale of a time. Ive been told i cant go on it because ive apparently hogged it all day! Tuh whatev trev.
We were having a convosation today at the end of the garden about health and safety. Apparently, this school microwave the soil their children study. Seriously what kind of a world is this going be in 50 years! I bet, people will be so not used to bacteria, that when someone does actually get ill, they'll die. The whole of the human race is going to die out and it will all be health and safetys stupid fault. Also, you know those boxes you fill up at school and send to poor countries, well you cant send toilet roll in them unless they've been microwaved! What is up with this obsession with microwaving things.

Anyhow, i must get back to trying to wean by way back onto the Wii. I fear i will be playing it all day tomorrow aswell. I must say, it gets really rather addictive after a while!

Tarrah xxxx

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